Doulas are trained, para-professionals who provide education, physical comfort, and emotional supoport during the perinatal period.

The continuous non-medical, social, and emotional support offered by Doulas has been demonstrated to increase the birthing person’s satisfaction with their birthing experience and profoundly impact key clinical outcomes, including decreased caesarean birth rates, fewer medical interventions, and increased breastfeeding initiation and duration.

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Doula Care Resources

We want you to have all the information on Doula care and how to access local Douas near you.

Region 9 Doula Project

Goal: Expand the Doula workforce to include more diverse representation to promote accessible, welcoming, culturally, and racially aligned labor support to address health disparities and improve birth outcomes across Region 9.


Education for both care providers and community members to learn more about the benefits of Doula care.


Financially sponsor a diverse cohort to become trained as Doulas and engaged in the certification process.


Develop a mentorship program between the new cohort of Doulas with established community-based Doulas.