What are Regional Perinatal Quality Collaboratives?

Regional Perinatal Quality Collaboratives (RPQCs) are diverse groups of people working to improve health outcomes for mothers and infants. RPQCs ensure alignment with the strategies and goals outlined in the Mother Infant Health Equity Improvement Plan by developing data-driven, innovative strategies tailored to the strengths and challenges of each region.

What are the priority areas in Region 9?

The Region 9 PQC addresses maternal and infant morbidity and mortality by using community engaged approaches to programming that address health equity, trauma informed care, and the development of mom-centric models of care and home visiting programs.

How do I become involved?

  • Email contact@region9.org to join the Region 9 listserv to stay up to date with announcements and resources
  • Attend a quarterly Collaborative meeting to connect with partners, engage in dialogue, and get the latest updates
  • Join one (or more!) of the workgroups to be more hands-on with projects and initiatives
  • Invite patients, clients, and other community connections to voice their input and share feedback
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @region9mi

Region 9 Handbook & Bylaws

Click here to access the Region 9 PQC Handbook and Bylaws.

Reach out to contact@region9.org if you have any questions or want to learn more.