Interventions & Resources

There are many care options available to support Survivors during their pregnancy and birth. It’s important that you feel safe, respected, and valued during your care experiences. Explore local options below.

Sensitive Birth Plan

Design your birth plan to make you feel comfortable, empowered, and in control.

Doula Care

Receive emotional, physical, and educational support from a trained, non-medical professional.

Maternal Infant Health Program

Receive home visits from a nurse and social work team.

Parenting Programs

Participate in an educational class with peers.

Survivor Moms Companion

Learn with a workbook and mentor.


Explore DBT, EMDR, or other types of therapy to grow your resiliency.


Explore if an SSRI could be beneficial for you.

Community Services

Find local resources at low or no cost that could help support your needs.

Talk with your care provider to create a personalized, sensitive birth plan, to learn more about available therapy options, and medication.

If you’d like to explore local Doula Care options, parenting programs, and other community services, visit the Mom+ Centric page. The interactive pathway is full of information on how to access these services.

For more information on the Maternal Infant Health Program, visit

For more information on the Survivor Moms Companion, visit

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Attend a quarterly Collaborative meeting

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Invite patients, clients, and other community connections

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